• Sight: "GOOD" Blue tongued skinks respond sharply to hand movements and intently watch anything that approaches. They are very alert and aware of their surroundings, have dilating pupils that respond to lightness and darkness, and even have the ability to see color. Here is a diagram by Mickey P. Rowe that shows a rainbow how we see it, and how a reptile might see it.

    There is some dispute on whether blue tongues can perceive luminous red tincture. Red bulbs are a popular terrarium tool used for night viewing. Can they see the dim red color? Can they detect the faint light, but not the color? It's up for debate. Companies do claim that the light is so faint that it does not disturb the animal's sleeping. Regardless, blue tongues do seem to recognize red colored food. They have been known to pick out certain colored foods, or reject others.

    The Parietal Eye
    Have you ever noticed a little dot right in the middle of your bluey's head?

  • Scent: "GOOD" Although much of their 'scent' consists of the tongue flicking (and tasting), they do have the ability to smell through the nostrils.
  • Hearing: "GOOD" They have inner ears (holes on each side of the head)
  • Dexterity: "EXCELLENT" If they are spooked, they can turn and move with astonishing speed and acceleration. They have the ability to swim if the occasion calls for it, and even climb trees if their life is in danger (provided they have well-developed claws).
  • Sensitivity to touch: "YES" Blue tongued skinks can feel from the very tip of their tail, to each and every toe, to the tip of the nose.

The anatomy.

Full Body Skeleton

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